Control Multiple DevicesFree Trial Professional VersionEasily Control Multiple Devices with MDCC

Mirror & Control Android on PC

Object/Coordinate Synchronization

Support AAIS, REST API & JavaScript API

ATSATS Connection Mode (Without Opening Developer Options and USB Debugging)

Suitable for Android Automation Testing

Object mode in one-to-many synchronization, send query of the node (or UI object) to all devices instead of coordination, click "OK" can run on all devices with different resolutions than click(100,100).


The purpose of FindNode is to find the intended one or more UI elements (or Accessibility nodes) and extract information or perform actions on them.In short AAI replace coordinates with queries.

Manual Examples

AAI Script (AAIS) is very small script built on top of AAI's FindNode, it has a very simple syntax and with a dozen of commands, it is useful to write simple tests or throw away scripts.

AAIS Manual
UI Explorer

UI Explorer to obtain node information and helper program to construct query, great to learn query language learning.

UI Explorer Tool

Object-based Synchronization

Select Obj mode to easily sync Android devices with dfferent screen resolutions and brands (resolution independent).
Example: Sync buttons in different locations.


Support AAIS, REST API & JavaScript API
Integrate object-based action to existing API & seamless integration with FindNode.

Example: Scroll and click the “Pointer location” on all devices
UI Explorer Tool
FindNode Manual
find "Pointer location"
click "T:Pointer location||OX:1"
JavaScript API Manual >
devices.sendAai({ actions:["scrollIntoView('T:Pointer location||OX:1','down')","click"]})
Rest API Manual >
  "token": "270eq7lXQK8bXYsJ",
  "state": "active",
  "ids": ["device@795844152","device@795812215"],
  "query":"T:Pointer location||OX:1",

We Can Do More...

Drag-n-drop to Transfer Files
Audio Transmission
Native Language Input

Batch control multiple devices, optional 10/20/30/50. Supports two sync modes, UI elements-based and coordinate-based.

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AAI & FindNode

Identify UI element by using unique query syntax, can retrieve information or perform actions on an element on multiple devices, no coordinate required.

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A mini script that utilize AAI capability to do automation, this is currently available in MDCC (the file extension is ".tst"), Capture/Replay (with object option) will generate in this script.

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Smooth Screen Transmission

Speed rendering, frame rate up to 60fps, 1080P resolution, only 10% usage of CPU.

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Mouse and Keyboard Control

Use the mouse and keyboard to control the movement, click and slide.

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Text Input

Sigma Keyboard supports inputting text with PC keyboard, support keyboard shortcuts.

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Cut-n-paste between PC and devices, support transfer files(APK file will be automatically installed).

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Implemented shortcuts to improve user experience. Shortkey and Autotext. Capture PC and boss key. Keyboard class API.

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Device Setting

Dim the device screen to conserve power. Configure shortkeys to start application or run a script. Hotspot

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Connect device and PC by USB or TCP, support quickly mirror.

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Voice Control

Control device through voice commands. Open app and run the function through voice command.

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Offers rich set of API to control multiple Android devices. Offers JavaScript and REST API.

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Windows Desktop Mode (WDM)
Multi-Device Control Center (MDCC)

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Device Control

Supports device control device group or all devices, support for synchronization based on UI elements.

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Software Audio Transmission

PC can directly play the media sound of the Android device. Android version 10 and above support. Some app may not support it, such as some music app.

How to Get Started

The Lite version supports 2 devices and is free for non-commercial use. To connect multiple devices, please purchase the Professional version and paid features.
Total Control Supports all operating systems (Windows XP ~ Windows 11) from Windows XP onwards (32-bit/64-bit),compatible with Android 5.x ~ 14 devices of all brands and manufacturers.